Will perform UI enhancements on DOM elements on all the children of js:data::$container using Wijmo and jQuery UI widgets.

Element with a .notransform CSS class will be left unchanged.

Input text:

Using the wijtextbox widget.


Using the wijdropdown widget.


Using the wijcheckbox widget.


Using the wijradio widget.

Elements with the .expander CSS class using wijexpander widget.
You can set options with the data-wijexpander-options HTML attribute (JSON for additional settings).

Elements with CSS class .accordion using wijaccordion widget.

Using the button widget. | You can set options with the data- HTML attributes (additional settings).
red:Makes the button red.
icons:{}. Define icons for the button.
icon:Defines the left icon using a name (See icons names of jQuery UI).
iconClasses:Defines the left icon CSS classes for left icon.
iconUrl:Define URL of the left icon.



Will use the jquery-form plugin to submit any form inside js:data::$container using Ajax rather than the native browser action.

The default response data type is json, and the success and error callbacks functions will call $container.nosAjaxSuccess() and $container.nosAjaxError().




Will use the jquery-validation plugin to perform inline validation on any form inside js:data::$container.

It’s already configured to display error messages nicely, and take into account some specificity from the UI enhancements (like the accordion).

Most forms are using it, since it’s part of the form’s standard layout.