Performs an asynchronous HTTP (AJAX) request. This is a wrapper of jQuery.ajax().

  • options (JSON) –

    JSON that configure the AJAX request. Same that jQuery.ajax() with some differences:

        dataType: 'json', // datatype is default 'json'.
        type: 'POST', // The request is made in POST by default.
        data: {}



Process JSON of a succeeded AJAX request.

  • options (JSON) –
    notify:A string or [string]. Use for call $.nosNotify().
    error:A string or [string]. Use for call $.nosNotify() with error for notification type.
    action:A string or [string]. Use for call $container.nosAction().
    closeDialog:Boolean. If true, call nosDialog.close().
    closeTab:Boolean. If true, call nosTabs.close().
    replaceTab:{}. Use to call nosTabs.update().
    redirect:string. Redirect browser window to this URL.
    dispatchEvent:Use to call $container.dispatchEvent().
     Display error and backtrace in the browser console.


$container.nosAjaxError(jqXHR, textStatus)

Process a failed AJAX request.

Display the reconnection popup if the error comes to an end of the authentication session.
Display a notification otherwise.
  • jqXHR (jqXHR) – An XMLHttpRequest object.
  • textStatus (string) – Text status of the AJAX request.