$.nosUIElement(element[, data])
  • element (JSON) –

    JSON definition of the element to create.

    type:string. button (default) or link. See $container.nosFormUI() for buttons data, those of links are almost the same.
    label:string. Element label.
    action:{}. Action bound to the click event. See $container.nosAction().
    bind:{}. Event(s) bound to the element. See $().bind().
    disabled:boolean. If true, the element is disabled.
    menu:{}. If set, binds a context menu to element.
    menus:[{}]. Array containing each menu line.
    action:{}. Action bound to the click event of the menu line. See $container.nosAction().
    content:string. HTML content of the menu line.
    label:string. Label of the menu line.
    icon:Icon name (See icons name of jQuery UI) without the ui-icon- prefix.
    iconClasses:CSS classes of icon.
    iconUrl:Icon URL.
    options:{}. Settings for Wijmo widget wijmenu.
  • data (JSON) – Data attached to element and passed to action. See $container.nosAction().

A DOM element detach from DOM.

        type: 'button',
        label: 'A button'
        id: 5
        foo: 'bar'


content and label are exclusive. You don’t need both. Same goes for the icon (either use a name, CSS classes or an URL).